December 5, 2008

525,600 minutes

i've been trying to write this post all week now, and every time i sit down i get too emotional. my baby boy celebrated his first birthday on monday. notice i didn't say that i celebrated. of course we had a party, but i feel more like i'm in mourning than anything else. where has the time gone? how is it that an entire year has gone by and i feel like it's been a matter of days?

it's odd how it can feel like he's been a part of our family forever, yet it also seems that just yesterday he was still growing inside of me. last christmas he was less than 4 weeks old. up all night and sleeping all day, and completely unaware of what was happening around him. this year is a real person- complete with talking, giggling, excitement over christmas decorations and almost walking on his own. i know by christmas morning he'll be waddling around independently getting into even more than he does now. of course i love watching him grow and learn and change, but i can't help but be sad that i'm losing my baby. i think the best way to cheer myself up and celebrate his first year is to post a few favorite pics and memories.
#1: the day he was born- god had blessed us beyond measure with another healthy, beautiful baby. i remember thinking it was appropriate that he came in december because he looked like a little elf baby. he had one pointy ear and was red as a christmas ball. #2: his relationship with lorelei- truly, we could not be more blessed by the way she adores her brother. not one moment of jealousy- she has been nothing but protective and loving to him from the very beginning, and he is crazy about her too!
#3: grins and giggles. his sweet laugh is so manly and contagious!

#4: best friends. here he is with cade (born in june) and hollyn (april)

#5: bath time- this was such fun before he started trying to stand up and climb out. notice the matching faux-hawks. #6: time with grandparents- here are the kids with grandaddy, who moved to hewitt with mimi in may. we now have all 3 amazing sets of grands in town, and we love them dearly!
#7: this face- kissing that sweet mouth is worth it- no matter how much drool i encounter.
#8: teeth- getting them is no fun, but they sure do make a sweet smile!
#9: family dedication- both kids were great on stage, and it's great to know people are praying for us as we teach our children about jesus.
#10: chunky monkey- i cherish every roll and crease on my precious boy, and this was even the theme for his birthday party!

happy birthday, baby!